Find it Friday February 3rd, 2012

We thought we would try something a little different and fun. On Fridays we are going to post a screenshot from one of our apps and see if you can identify it. Kind of like I Spy! So here we go…. We’ll start off the first week with an easy one! Can you tell us which app and which page this image is from? (p.s. The answer will be posted on Monday, if not discovered before then.)


2 Responses to “Find it Friday”

  • Karen Smyth says:

    Jack and the Beanstalk, page 18, the giant woman leaning over the table and Jack is eating bread. The text on the page is, “While enjoying a feast with the giant lady, Jack heard a rumbling at the door.”

  • frank says:

    Great job! What good eyes you have! We will have to try something more challenging for next week! Thanks for responding, it was great to hear from you!

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