Website Wednesday: AppaSnap February 8th, 2012

There are a great many app review websites around, but few are quite as exhaustive as this one. From their opening page to the latest news, AppaSnap has created a site that is easy to navigate and thorough in their reviews.  When reviewing a particular app, AppaSnap has created subcategories, such as Playability and Graphics. The review then gives a score out of 10, allowing you to better see how well the app performs. On top of this rating,  AppaSnap also allows you to see how many others have viewed this review, even as recently as the last 14 days. For further help, at the bottom of each review a listing of the top apps, medal winning apps, similar scoring apps, and lower scoring apps in that category are also listed.  Not limited to reviews alone, AppaSnap also has the latest news in the app world, keeping their readers up on the times. So, for a thorough and enjoyable app review, make sure you head over to AppaSnap. They are definitely one of the places to be.

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  • Leon Ennenga says:

    This is great, thanks a lot!

  • frank says:

    You are more than welcome! We are glad that you were able to find something enjoyable.

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